Rug & Carpet Under Padding

A rug pad will properly position your lovely rugs on the floor. Not only will rug pads bring comfort and cushion to your rugs, but they'll also add durability to make them last longer plus it protects underside of the rug from rubbing against the floor and prevents color transfer and staining. A pad will provide extra ventilation to the rug, protecting it from moisture and rot. In addition, a pad adds more cushion to the rug, making it more comfortable for anyone walking on it. Finally, rug pads provide thermal insulation and reduce noise.

Rug pads are quietly and invisibly serves your rug and lengthens its life. Remember, rugs tend to deteriorate from the bottom up. A rug pad is the best way to stop problems before they get out of control. Even though there are variety of rug pads in the market, it's very important to choose the right pad. Besides how it feels to your feet, it is important to find, which type of pad is the best fit for your particular rug. Consult with your specialist.

Please don't forget that Rug pads are made to bring a safer environment by reducing the wrinkles and slippage of your area rug, which also makes it easier to vacuum. Whether you need a rug pad for a hard surface or carpet, we have the right selection for safety and comfort of your house. We offers three different types of quality rug pads. One is for use under Oriental or pile rugs, a second for flat weaves and a third for use with rugs laid over carpet. Pre-cut or custom cut sizes are available.